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The Birth
Decisions, decisions....

Speak to your midwife about the options available to you. There are three main choices:
  • Margate - QEQM

  • Ashford - William Harvey
  • Home birth

There are pluses and minuses to each option so explore these with your midwife before you make your choice.

Pregnancy and labour

Link to video ‘EK NHS The Journey Part One – Pregnancy and Labour

Plan ahead

You may want to write out a birth plan – not everyone does this – but a birth plan could help you as it's a record of what you'd like to happen during and after birth. If there's not one on your maternity notes and you'd like to write one, look on the NHS website for an interactive birth plan – visit to find out more.

What to pack in your bag

Signs of Labour



How to Breastfeed