Deal Breastfeeding Support Group

Breastfeeding and others

Having a supportive partner and/or family and friends are key to successful breastfeeding. Talking to your support team before the baby is born ensures you know how they feel and how you feel and also gives you all time to discuss how they can help you. It is great to have them boost your self-esteem and help you gain confidence in this new skill. There are plenty of things they can do to help you with your new-born. They can bring snacks and drinks, answer the phone and the door, change nappies, care for older children, prepare lunch, cook the tea, do the laundry, do some shopping, the list is endless.

Partners of breastfed babies can give their partner support in many ways, which in itself, helps with the baby’s growth and development. As the baby is breastfed, the partner doesn’t have to get up to prepare bottles and feeds, maybe just give mum a rest while they cuddle and play with the baby. There is less for them to carry around when going out, muslin squares don’t weigh that much. They don’t have to worry about finding a café who can supply hot water to warm the milk, so stopping on the beach or on a park bench for a quick feed is great. Many partners take on certain duties as their domain, many like bath times, as they can come in from work and still feel part of the baby’s routine. Most partners are happy to give support while mum is breastfeeding because they know it is the best thing for their baby. They can then spend quality time learning about their baby and vice versa.

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