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Expressing milk

There are three ways of expressing milk: hand expression, manual pump or electric pumps.

If you are planning to be away from your baby for a short time or you are returning to work and still want your baby to benefit from breast milk, expressing and storing your milk for someone else to feed it is an excellent plan.

You will need to plan in advance as expressing the amount of milk your baby requires may take practice and time. Expressing milk can be simple and easy to do, but it’s another new skill you will have to learn. Here are some tips to help:
  • Create a relaxed, calm time so you don’t feel rushed. It maybe easier to do when someone else is with you, so they can care for your baby.
  • Expressing works by simulating your let-down reflex, so having your baby near or a photo of your baby may help.
  • You could try expressing after a warm bath or shower.
  • You could express from one breast whilst the baby feeds from the other, or to express immediately after a feed.


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