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Some women from the moment they are pregnant, know so, due to the change of feeling in their breasts. During your pregnancy your breasts will change dramatically, getting ready for feeding your baby. Remember, during your pregnancy it is best to wear non-wired supportive bras, as wires can block milk ducts as they develop.

How your breasts change size

Just before Mel knows she’s pregnant: she's wearing a 34B (we’ll call it N)
3 months pregnant: Mel is still wearing a 34B but notices it is a bit tight. She may feel more comfortable in a 36C. (So N+)
6 months pregnant: Mel is glowing, her pregnant belly is more pronounced and her breasts and rib cage are bigger. She is now wearing a 36C (N+)
9 months pregnant: Radiant Mel is feeling like her ribs are being pushed out, and her breasts are a bit puffy and tender. She is nearly a 36D but just about fits into her 36C (N+)
3 days after birth: Mel has been breastfeeding since her gorgeous little boy was born; her breasts feel a lot bigger and heavier. Her cup size is now about a whole size bigger, (36DD) but her ribs feel more comfortable. So Mel has three breastfeeding bras sized 36DD, and also a few sleep bras to keep her breast pads in place at night.
12 weeks after birth: Mel is enjoying breastfeeding and her breasts are relaxed in size and weight; she is now wearing 36C breastfeeding bras. (N+)

You could use this story to help you with decisions like when to get re-fitted for bras. See nursing bras to help you find good measuring services and stockists.

How breasts make milk