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How much should I express?

This can vary from mother to mother and depending how long you will be away from your baby. If your baby is premature or not breastfeeding, you need to express as much as you can each time. If you are expressing because you are going out or returning to work, here is a rough guide on how much your baby will need each feed. (Taken from – A Mother’s Guide to Breastfeeding – Issue 7 NHS) Baby’s weight in kilos x 150mls = amount in 24 hours. Divide this by number of feeds in 24 hours. i.e. 5kg baby x 150mls = 750mls divided by 8 = 93mls approx. 

Remember,every baby is an individual so ideally express more than you think he is going to take. 

Note: your baby will need less breast milk compared to formula milk.

Expressing milk

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