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Nursing bras 
What is a nursing bra? Many mums choose to wear a nursing bra. They provide discreet and comfortable wear during your breastfeeding journey. They allow you to get easy access to your breasts without too much fuss. There are a variety of styles which open up, the main type have a fastening on the shoulder with a drop down cup which reveals the whole breast. However, they are different styles and designs and can range from plain cotton to very elaborate pretty garments, whichever suits you.

How many should I buy? Ideally, you will need two to three bras to start with, being aware that your breast size will likely increase/decrease through your breastfeeding journey. There are night time bras available but you could use support vests with drop down fronts instead, whatever suits your needs. 

Do I need to wear a bra if I have small breasts? Whatever size your breasts are, you may wish to wear a bra to ensure your breasts have support during feeding. Look for cotton bras which will keep you cool, ones with stretchy fabric, wide non-slip straps, hooks and eye fastenings, and most important fit you properly.

When is the best time to buy a nursing bra? Use a professional fitting service at around 38 weeks pregnant – but remember your breasts will fill more once your milk has come in. Most large department stores offer a bra fitting service free of charge.  

Where can I buy nursing bras? Most underwear shops have a small selection. Once you have been fitted you could buy in store or online. Here are some links to online stores:

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