Deal Breastfeeding Support Group

ABM Mother Supporters and Breastfeeding Counsellor
At Deal Breastfeeding Support Group we are fortunate to have ABM Mother Supporters and a Breastfeeding Counsellor. At our group Mother Supporters and Breastfeeding Counsellors are mothers who have breastfed for at least six months and have successfully completed the relevant ABM training programme.

An ABM Mother Supporter/Breastfeeding Counsellor is a volunteer and, as long as her ABM membership is up to date, she is covered by ABM insurance for any breastfeeding information she gives. All volunteers have an enhanced DBS check and safeguarding training and follow the DBSG Volunteer Code of Conduct agreement.

An ABM Mother Supporter is not qualified to diagnose and solve breastfeeding problems but has the knowledge of an ‘informed friend’ and usually recognises when to refer a mum to a breastfeeding professional for further support.

DBSG is now in a position to sponsor ABM Mother Supporter courses. If you would like to know more about the criteria for training and sponsorship, please speak to Candice Roberts and see the link below.
Here are some testimonies from a few of the women who have completed the ABM Mother Supporter Course at our group:
Emma - ‘I started attending DBSG after I had figured out my issues with breastfeeding.  I couldn’t believe the support that had been available and that I had missed out on!  Since then, DBSG has been a source of information and support through breastfeeding two children.  I have made some truly amazing, inspirational friends in the group.  It was only right that I pay some of this back by training as a Mother Supporter and I now get the privilege of supporting other mothers in their breastfeeding journeys. My passion for breastfeeding lead to me to centring my Master’s dissertation on the subject of breastfeeding on the school curriculum, resulting in my being published in the Journal of Human Lactation.  I have previously written a breastfeeding blog and am currently working on another exciting writing project.  It is safe to say that breastfeeding has completely changed my life, and DBSG has been central to this.’

Hannah – ‘I first came along to the group when I was pregnant with my first child, and received a warm welcome from the organisers, peer supporters and other mums. This was a great confidence-booster for returning once my baby had arrived and I found the group to be a great place to get support and information, and to relax with a cup of tea and meet other new mums. Throughout my breastfeeding journey that support and welcoming environment has always been there, and I now look forward to continuing the next stage of my journey (tandem feeding my second baby and my toddler) with the group always there for any information I need. Just over a year ago I trained to become a volunteer Mother Supporter at the group, and now love providing support to other mums myself. And one more challenge the group has inspired me to do – run a 5K race (I wouldn’t normally even run for a bus!)’

Claire - ‘I first came to the Deal Breastfeeding Support Group (DBSG) when Katy was about 18months old.  I wanted to help support other mums who wished to breastfeed.  I had encountered various problems feeding Emily and without the support of a similar group in Maidstone I would probably have given up.  DBSG funded my ABM Mother Supporter training and I’m continuing my studies training to be a Breastfeeding Counsellor.  I would encourage anyone who is interested to become a Mother Supporter with the ABM.  The study fits in around home life and enabled me to make sense of my own breastfeeding experiences and to support the normal breastfeeding relationship for new mums and babies. I really like the relaxed atmosphere of the Support Group and that it is mum-to-mum support.  It’s all great fun, with some very special people and I’m proud to be part of it.’ 

Thea - ‘Since stepping through the door at Deal Breastfeeding Support Group nearly six years ago, when my eldest was two weeks old, it has increasingly become a huge part of my life. For my family it has provided the support, information and empowerment to feed my children for as long as both I and they have wanted. I would never have thought before I started my journey that I would be feeding a three year old, but I'm so happy I am! Over recent years the group has continued to support and inspire me on my own personal journey. I first trained as a Mother Supporter, then decided to continue with two years of training to become an ABM Breastfeeding Counsellor. This knowledge has furthered the support I can now give back to mums both at our group and on the National Breastfeeding Helpline. My breastfeeding journeys have been at times: hard work, wonderful, tearful, magical.............. never to be forgotten.’

Link: The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers